How does IHR BUCHWERBER work?

We will promote your book for an agreed period with a meaningful 3D collage on the following platforms:

Your manager in "The land of milk and honey for readers and authors".





Book trailer


Just a marketing gag?

Book trailers and teasers are much more than just a marketing gimmick.

As a sales driver they are an important tool to bring your books closer to readers on different platforms.

We create your book trailer.

Just write us.


Cover and formatting


Formatting E-book / print edition and book cover  We take care of the time-consuming work of formatting the e-book and the print edition in block or flutter.  We also create a professional cover for your book.

With impressive collages, you can reach the readers' attention in seconds, before they are scrolling on to the next post.

Look that´s only one example.